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Discounted Furniture Store

Jerusalem Furniture store is a discounted furniture store with multiple locations through the state of Pennsylvania. For the past 15 years, our furniture stores have been serving the greater Philadelphia area and Lower Bucks County area with top quality furniture. In our stores you will find furniture for your living room as well as dining room furniture, kid’s room furniture and office furniture. We stock most of our products and all of them available at discounted prices.

With so many different options of furniture, it is not always easy to make a selection. Our furniture store associates know all about furniture construction and material and will guide you in the right direction.

What are the most popular furniture styles?

All furniture is divided into category styles. Most furniture stores offer to buy ether individual furniture such as dining chair or an office, and all of them offer to buy complete furniture sets such as 7 piece bedroom set or a living room set of three – couch with loveseat and a chair. Regardless it is living room furniture or a bedroom set or perhaps office furniture with multiple drawers and extra storage, it is available in multiple styles. There are three most popular styles and few others that were introduced just a few years ago.

a)      Traditional style furniture

b)      Modern style furniture

c)       Contemporary style furniture

Traditional style furniture is usually heavy duty looking furniture with wavy design on a widely spread supporting feet and accompanied with a darker color such as dark brown or variations of black. Traditional style furniture is also limited in its design options and material. If you were to buy a traditional sofa, most likely this would be a sofa made of genuine leather or a fabric sofa with a wavy back frame and a square shaped sitting pillows. Many times to sustain the traditional style, the furniture is constructed of solid wood, and this will add a country style furniture look without need to paint the furniture frame. To emphasize this traditional style, a sofa’s seating pillow are made of real leather with large stitches of a handmade saw. A lot of times traditional style is being applied to a dining room table with chairs. The same idea would be applied here. The dining chairs would have a wavy back support with curly design pattern and the over-sized table top will be supported by a heavy duty wooden corbels. The corbels serve the multiple purposes in this case: as decorative material and as a reinforcement element at the same time. Because the table is made of a solid wood it is very heavy and the table frame might not be strong enough to support it.

Modern style furniture is most popular and can be found in every home. The furniture construction did not change much comparing to traditional style furniture, but new colors and furniture materials were introduced that made it look very appealing. Because modern style furniture can be constructed with manmade material, it allows some design modifications such as rounded corners. The same size sofa for example may have look not so bulky as traditional style sofa and with warmer colors such as light yellow or beige. The colors alone make the furnishing products appear lighter in weight then they are in reality.


Contemporary style furniture is furniture of 20th century. It introduces a whole new style of furniture in its design, shape and colors. Most contemporary style furniture has a free of clutter look and feel with straight lines and unnatural color such as brushed nickel, extra white glossy finish top, combination of different manmade materials such as glass and stainless steel, or heavy duty plastic with quartz. To sustain the contemporary (minimalist style) design, a lot of furniture, such as drawers or storage cabinets, do not have door handles. Instead they have a built-in mechanism that allows the door to be opened with a slight press by hand on top of the door surface.